No. 11 Wallnut Road, Durban

RPM were appointed to design the airconditioning for No. 11 Wallnut Road, Durban.

This is a 100 year old heritage building in the Natal Victorian style, located close to the Durban Exhibition Centre in the CBD.

Up until fairly recently, the building was used as a night club and den of eniquity. Eventually closed down due to zoning etc, it stood vacant for a considerable length of time. This led to the usual squatter problem and vandalism.

The new owners however, are restoring the building to its original specification for use as offices.

Being classified and registered as a Heritage building, certain requirements have to be met, one of these being that no equipment may be attached (or visible) to the external facade, including AC units etc.

This necessitated a unique approach to the design and equipment selection.

Fortunately several European manufacturers cater for Heritage building applications and so the equipment was sourced accordingly.

The project is currently well on its way and we are now eager to see the results!


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