@ RPM Engineering

Managing HVAC maintenance and servicing costs is every landlords and managing agent’s nightmare. Are the costs inline with industry standards ? Are the repairs necessary or abortive ? Is the servicing and repairs being done to an acceptable standard ? Are the assets being looked after ?

These are questions that RPM Engineering Group can safely answer and manage for you. From verifying of quotations, to the certification of invoices. To onsite inspections and reporting. RPM Engineering Group, allow you the peace of mind that the required HVAC repairs and servicing are done correctly, at the correct frequency and at the right price.

Similarly, RPM will assist with the tendering and appointment of a competent air conditioning contractor with a defined scope of service tailored for the equipment serving the buildings.

Currently RPM Engineering Group manage the airconditioning maintenance to over 1.0 million square metres of prime commercial and retail property.

Current customers include :

  • Delta Property Fund
  • Investec Property Limited
  • Pick n Pay Retailers
  • Arrowhead Properties
  • CW Excellerate
  • American International School of Johannesburg
  • Inani Property Fund



We strive to excel in every service we provide, adding value for our customers wherever possible, and thereby attaining respect in the Engineering  Industry.