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HVAC Maintenance Management

Managing HVAC maintenance and servicing costs is every landlords and managing agent’s nightmare. Are the costs inline with industry standards ? Are the repairs necessary or abortive ? Is the servicing and repairs being done to an acceptable standard ? Are the assets being looked after ?

These are questions that RPM Engineering Group can safely answer and manage for you. From verifying of quotations, to the certification of invoices. To onsite inspections and reporting. RPM Engineering Group, allow you the peace of mind that the required HVAC repairs and servicing are done correctly, at the correct frequency and at the right price.

Similarly, RPM will assist with the tendering and appointment of a competent air conditioning contractor with a defined scope of service tailored for the equipment serving the buildings.

Currently RPM Engineering Group manage the airconditioning maintenance to over 1.0 million square metres of prime commercial and retail property.

HVAC Retrofits & Refurbishments

RPM are specialist Consulting Engineers in this field. With the philosophy of making ice-cream out of horse manure, we understand all types of airconditioning refurbishments, upgrades and retrofit projects, always with the Client’s special needs in mind. With careful consideration of new energy requirements, innovative and resourceful measures are introduced, elevating the existing building to a level of excellence in terms of both its comfort offering and carbon footprint.

Some recent and current major refurbishment projects include:

  • Sky Royal Hotel (in progress) Value: R23.0 Million
  • Signature Hotel Woodmead (in progress) Value: R11.5 Million
  • Game Karen Waterfront (Nairobi) (in progress) Value: R4.2 Million
  • Game Megacity (Nairobi) (in progress) Value: R8.0 Million
  • SARS Bellville (in progress) Value: R2.2 Million
  • Tygerpark 4 (in progress) Value: R1.1 Million
  • Pick ‘n Pay Bethlehem (in progress) Value: R2.0 Million
  • Devonshire House (in progress) Value: R3.6 Million
  • Military Hospital (in progress) Value: R1.0 Million
  • 34 Ingersol (in progress) Value: R1.1 Million
  • Beaconhill Office Park (in progress) Value: R19.0 Million
  • Pick ‘n Pay Oakdene Value: R2.2 Million
  • 25 Owl Street Value: R2.1 Million
  • Pick ‘n Pay Florida Value: R2.2 Million
  • Nelson Mandela Square Phase 4 Value: R60.0 Million
  • Westgate Shopping Centre Phase 1 Value: R12.0 Million
  • Westgate Centre Phase 2 Value: R5.5 Million
  • Westgate Centre Phase 3 Value: R25.0 Million
  • Westgate Centre Phase 4 Value: R30.0 Million
  • M-Net Broadcasting Centre Value: R9.3 Million
  • M-Net PAS-7 Area Control Room Value: R3.1 Million
  • M-Net Africa Building Value: R14.0 Million
  • M-Net MultiChoice Project Argus Value: R4.1 Million
  • Nelson Mandela Square Phase1-3 Value: R20.0 Million
  • JSE Building JHB CBD Value: R16.0 Million
  • Zurich Insurance Head Office Value: R10.0 Million
  • 45 Commissioner Street Value: R6.5 Million
  • Cresta Shopping Centre Value: R8.0 Million
  • JSE Annex Value: R9.0 Million
  • Discovery Building Value: R5.5 Million
  • The Pavilion: Westville Value: R3.0 Million
  • Sage Centre Value: R6.0 Million
  • Presidia Building Value: R13.0 Million
  • 88 Field Street Value: R30.0 Million
  • Pick ‘n Pay (Various): Lonehill, Killarney, Edenvale,Blackheath, Noordheuwel Value: ±R10.0 Million
  • Pick ‘n Pay: Tramshed & Quagga Value: R3.5 Million
  • Pick ’n Pay Coachman’s Crossing Value: R2.0 Million
  • WB Centre (Kimberley) Value: R5.7 Million
  • Azmo Place (Polokwane) Value: R1.8 Million
  • Pick ‘n Pay Hypermarket Faerie Glen Value: R2.0 Million
  • Delta House (Pretoria) Value: R9.6 Million

RPM are undisputed leaders in the field of air conditioning refurbishments and retrofit

Current customers include :

  • Delta Property Fund
  • Investec Property Limited
  • Pick n Pay Retailers
  • Arrowhead Properties
  • CW Excellerate
  • Gemgrow Properties Ltd
  • SA Corp Real Estate Ltd
  • Richland Group Ltd
  • Zenprop Property Holdings

HVAC New Builds

New projects are undertaken with the same degree of resourcefulness. To this end, our extensive design expertise is applied, supported by the drawing office and back office facilities. The necessary heat load calculations, energy standard considerations, and experience in ensuring that effective maintenance can be performed to the equipment, means that the new system is capable of delivering an affective service to the building at a respectable cost.

Recent project include five new Ster Kinekor projects country wide and 2 new Nu Metro projects in Durban and Pretoria. An innovative solution was required for a heritage building in Durban at 11 Walnut Street which called for no defacing of the structure.

These Airconditioning and Ventilation Contracts amounted to in excess of R20.0 Million.

Related Services

Our services are widely utilized with outstanding results, and include :

Building audits / HVAC Due Diligence

Allow us to survey your building and report on the condition and operational status of the HVAC system serving the building. Included in this is a breakdown of the expected capital and operational costs, recommendations and budgets allowing you to understand what you are in for from the short to medium to long term.

HVAC Budgets

Allow us to guide you with regards to what provisions should be made for in your coming financial years. This includes both expected annual operational and capital expenditure.

Other Services

These include Energy audits, Indoor air quality audits, Arbitration, Design verification and Watching briefs

Anything airconditioning related can be addressed with ourselves.