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Nelson Mandela Square: Honouring an icon

By Pat Burke, outgoing chairman, RPM Engineering Group. Four years after final completion, RPM Consulting Engineers has taken the opportunity to review their most noteworthy


When the water has gone

I grew up in a small village on the Natal South Coast, one of the many such villages stretching South along the Eastern seaboard from


A meeting with Uncle Sam

Overseas travel opportunities on offer from local suppliers and their respective Principals forms an important part of their overall marketing strategy and our Industry is


Too Many Chiefs

According to the informative 2017 HVAC & R Industry Directory, there are no less than 128 listed Contractors serving the South African HVAC & R


Maintenance: A wing and a prayer

I must confess to being an avid armchair pilot. The two local aviation magazines are my favourite reads, fulfilling my life-long interest in all things


The past has a blast

Many elderly engineers have been called back into service to fulfil a vital intermediary role, while the skills pool plays catch-up — is this really

Pats Corner

Another link in the chain (Part 2)

Now that the shipment of export-quality oranges is well on their way to the United Kingdom, let’s go back further in time, when the very