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USA Trip

When travelling, I invariably take note of the various AC installations around about me, just habit I guess. Airports, hotels, shopping malls, restaurants, all get the third degree. For me it’s always interesting to see how air conditioning is done the world over. The truth is, it’s pretty much done the same way everywhere. Nevertheless,...
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Air Conditioning Maintenance

Air Conditioning Maintenance: A Consulting Engineers Perspective As specialist  Techanical Engineers consulting on HVAC maintenance, we get many requests from contracting fraternity to be included in our data base. Of course this is quite acceptable, but has the applicant given any thought to what exactly is required from him when applying for such consideration. Setting...
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88 Field Street

RACA  :  88 Field Street Article RPM Consulting Engineers have been appointed to refurbish 88 Field Street, Durban, an iconic 24 storey glass building, erected on the Corner of Pine and Field Streets in 1983. Designed by two of our Industries foremost Engineers, the airconditioning system represented the most innovative design of its time, incorporating...
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Presidia Building

Presidia Building : Paul Kruger Street : Pretoria The new owners agreed to a complete refurbishment of the chilled water plant, to include new chilled water generators and the upgrading of the building’s primary cooling plant. At the same time, the chilled water air-handling units, having been refurbished some 4 years earlier, were fully serviced...
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Liberty Towers

BP Centre Durban (Liberty Towers)… West Street’s most iconic building set to lead in the efficiency stakes. The construction of the BP Centre commenced in 1975.  It comprised a 7 storey office tower over a 5 storeyparkade.  At this time the various cinema complexes located nearby, were fast disappearing as television took root.  This prompted...
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