Pat Shares his 70th Birthday with Industry

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In November, Pat Burke, managing director of RPM Engineering, invited friends, family and colleagues to celebrate his 70th birthday with him.

The momentous occasion took place at the Randburg Golf Club, and the tables and room were decorated with 70th birthday memorabilia, making for a festive venue.

Formalities were kept to a minimum but during his short speech, Burke announced that effective 1 March 2017, he will assume the role as chairperson of the board, responsible for finance, marketing, major projects and staff parties. “In doing so, it is my great pleasure to appoint Barry Wallett to the board and to confirm his new role as managing director, responsible for the day-to-day running of the company’s activities,” he announced. In this regard, Wallett will be assisted by his fellow directors and shareholders, Merindell Moeti and Theresa Wallett.

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